Calling all art and craft makers to the 5th Annual Community Art and Craft  Expo

Sydney Community Services (SCS) is excited to announce this year’s 5th Annual Community Art Expo – a pop-up exhibition to open November 9 and the following week, in Gladesville Shopping Village. SCS understands the important role art plays in enriching the lives of individuals and the community and we’re keen to continue to support local makers and build on the success of previous art and craft exhibitions.

The  exhibition will be open from the 9th to the 16th of November – with the venue kindly donated by Gladesville Shopping Village.  There will be a special opening night on Friday 9th November at 5.30 p.m-7pm where public and artists can view art and mingle.

  • We are happy to accept visual work in any media and also craft pieces.
  • Works need to be delivered in the week from October 31 to November 7 to our Lane Cove Office at 1 Pottery Lane or Hunters Hill Office at 46 Gladesville Rd.
  • Unsold works need to be collected by 4pm on Friday November 16.
  • No entry fee – however we do take a commission.

Last year 61% of artists sold at least one piece of work. This year we anticipate good sales, especially as we are opening close to Christmas and many people look for individual and interesting gifts.

Early Registration:  The earlier you register,  the better – this helps us with planning. So if you are a maker of art and craft and would like to show  some of your works, please complete two registration forms at the 2 links below and return a copy by October 29, 2018 to 46 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill 2110.

Statement by a supplier + exhibitor to ATO (2)

Entry form-5th Community Art Expo 2018 (3pp)