David Phelan’s ‘self-body state’


Clients were understandably well satisfied with the wonderful works they created at their art expression classes last month.

Group social support art teacher, Margareta Odlin, introduced new techniques to evoke clients’ feelings, interests and  ideas of  self-image.

Lloyd Edwards and collage

Gary Chalmers with collage

David Phelan’s ‘self-body state’: This exercise showed David how colours can represent feelings and helped David to represent and see his self-image more clearly through use of colours. He noticed colours changed with his mood. David told Margareta that this exercise “helped him discover quite a lot” about himself.


Lloyd Edwards’ and Gary Chalmers’ collages: exercise gave them freedom to create flowers out of ripped coloured paper using pastels and glue.


Darren Munro and his still-life drawing

Darren Munro’s still-life drawing surprised him: He didn’t believe he “could even paint anything that hard”. With Margareta’s help he discovered he could, and he was justifiably proud of his work.

Sandra Munro with her apple orchard in pastels


Sandra Munro’s apple trees in pastels: Sandra always wanted to draw apple trees and this was her first attempt. The result is a neat and pretty apple orchard yet it was a messy job. Sandra loved getting her hands dirty – thank heavens for plastic gloves.


David Phelan’s self-portrait: David was quite surprised at the image he painted of himself which, he said, shows him looking better than the way he thinks of himself.


David’s ‘foetus project’: David started by imagining himself as a foetus in his mum’s belly and the feelings around that idea. Later he introduced more elements, including childhood images and used colours to express feelings and interests. David was thrilled with the results.

David Phelan and his self portrait


David and his ‘foetus project’




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