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Beat the scammers!

Cyber scams are proliferating and we’re all on our computers more at the moment – that means we’re more vulnerable. The Federal Government has just committed more than a billion to cyber security but we don’t all have to spend up. Individuals can achieve better security through simple measures … keeping software up to date, [...]

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Group services regroup around Hunters Hill Community Hub

  Clients at Hunters Hill Community Hub chat with Member for Lane Cove, Anthony Roberts, in the Hub's courtyard when it reopened after refurbishment mid-2019. Now that a long list of Covid-safe precautions is in daily practice, Sydney Community Services’ group social supports for seniors and people with a disability are running again, [...]

Artistic freedom to express and surprise yourself

David Phelan’s ‘self-body state’   Clients were understandably well satisfied with the wonderful works they created at their art expression classes last month. Group social support art teacher, Margareta Odlin, introduced new techniques to evoke clients’ feelings, interests and  ideas of  self-image. Lloyd Edwards and collage Gary Chalmers with collage [...]

Simple Alzheimer’s test coming up

A simple new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, years in the making, is on its way to Australia via the Federal Government’s Australian Dementia Network or ADnet, a collaboration of 18 academic and clinical partners and philanthropists. The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, led the development of the new blood test which measures the protein ‘tau’, [...]

Under 65 and ineligible for NDIS?

People 18-64 years who are not eligible for low-level support via the NDIS can apply for ‘SASH’ support packages through NSW Health’s ComPacks program. Safe And Supported at Home packages, called SASH for short, support people with functional impairments to live independently and safely at home.  People with mental health issues, chronic or degenerative illness [...]

Meet our team – Stephen Lodge

After many years as a business analyst and project manager for big companies, Stephen Lodge felt thwarted by the speed of technology. “I worked at telecoms, finance and tech companies but things changed so quickly that many projects were scrapped before completion – the market and technology had moved on so the job had different [...]

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Seniors sanguine about covid changes

  While everyone’s disrupted by the changes the virus has wrought, older Australians are not the most challenged, according to the first report of a multi-stage survey by the Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA). The Adelaide-based GCMA is a not-for-profit which aims to improve lives of older people. It offers research, advocacy and ‘living [...]

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