A delightful art experience was held last month at Blandville Court, Gladesville, when residents made birds from all kinds of art materials.         

‘Lost Bird Found’, originally started by North Sydney Council, involves crafting birds then ‘releasing’ them into the community to be found in libraries, parks, bus stops – wherever people would find them.  Each bird holds an important tag that lets the finder know about a community mental health service.  ‘Finders’  learn a little about mental health and might keep their bird or pass it on by putting the bird somewhere else to be found or giving it to someone. The whole experience raises awareness of mental health issues and available support.

Blandville Court residents made beautiful birds from decorative paper and embellished them with feathers and jewels.

At the end of our session, each participant named their bird with wishes of peace and kindness towards the finders of our ‘lost birds’. The workshop, delivered by local art therapist, Mara Lyone, from Healing Colours Sydney, was one of many being held in the community to raise awareness for Mental Health Month, October.

Focusing on mental health is vital because it affects one in 5 Australians between 16 and 85 years old  (who experience mental health problems in  any one year). Help us to raise awareness for mental health by coming to the Bedlam At The Bay Mental Health Festival on October 21st at Bedlam Bay  (Gladesville Hospital). Find more information  here