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Blogs and Articles

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Blogs and Articles

1411, 2019

Help us brighten Christmas

Christmas is coming, and we hope you have a wonderful time. But not everyone does ... it's incredibly stressful for those who can't afford it.     We do hope you can help us brighten [...]

1111, 2019

Affordable art at 6th Annual Community Art Expo

You are invited to the opening of the 6th Annual Community Art Expo in Gladesville which will showcase local talent in the visual arts. “CREATE & enCOURAGE” is the theme of this year’s exhibition of [...]

3110, 2019

The Government must step up

The Federal Government and Department of Health leadership is ‘missing in action’ according to Counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care, Peter Rozen, and expert witnesses.  Rozen said the sector was at risk of [...]

3110, 2019

Dementia is far from inevitable

Prof Susan Kurrle Our Community Care Advisor, Nuala Williams, is always impressed when she hears a talk by geriatrician and dementia expert Prof Susan Kurrle. The following points are among those Nuala gleaned [...]

3110, 2019

Farewell, and thanks, to Olga

It was with gratitude and sadness last month that SCS and many clients farewelled Olga Zakrzewska, our Disability Services Manager, who created and ran programs for clients with a disability for 11 years. She was [...]

310, 2019

Meet our client – Don Orr

Don Orr loves his home and garden at Waverton, and its proximity to the city which seems only a stone’s throw when seen from his place. But lately he’s been feeling a little daunted by [...]

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