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Learning to live with dementia

September is Dementia Awareness month yet Dementia Australia’s packed calendar of informative and supportive events runs all year -  for the person diagnosed and their carers, families and friends. The webinars below are all online and some are repeated at later dates. Sessions which are not live can be watched later.  You can register for [...]

Stepping it up

Melina Trombetta visited Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont Disability Support Worker, Clare Ganly, and her keen clients are more than stepping up to the rules as they evolve around that virus. Clare’s Walking Group and Sydney Explorers group both stopped for about a month when the virus was new and  little was known about [...]

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We’re Covid-safe!

When we welcome you back, we’ll be proudly wearing a Covid-safe ‘badge’. This graphic badge is awarded by the NSW Government to organisations and businesses whose staff and volunteers have completed training, added precautions and modified practices to be as Covid-safe as possible. We’ve undertaken many changes so as to be ready to resume more [...]

More weighty matters!

Yet another reason to lose weight!! Managing your weight to keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) within ‘normal’ range is likely to help reduce your later risk of dementia - and this could be even more relevant for women. Results from a new study out of University College London (UCL) associate obesity in late adulthood [...]

Beat the scammers!

Cyber scams are proliferating and we’re all on our computers more at the moment – that means we’re more vulnerable. The Federal Government has just committed more than a billion to cyber security but we don’t all have to spend up. Individuals can achieve better security through simple measures … keeping software up to date, [...]

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Group services regroup around Hunters Hill Community Hub

  Clients at Hunters Hill Community Hub chat with Member for Lane Cove, Anthony Roberts, in the Hub's courtyard when it reopened after refurbishment mid-2019. Now that a long list of Covid-safe precautions is in daily practice, Sydney Community Services’ group social supports for seniors and people with a disability are running again, [...]

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