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Health and Well-being

Action on cancer

February 4 is World Cancer Day, an initiative of  Union for International Cancer Control  (UICC), which encourages everyone to take some action on the issue or  raise some awareness however big or small. Many people think a diagnosis of cancer means they should do very little except get medical treatment. While health experts worldwide now [...]

Don’t fall for it

The rate of head injuries from falls by older Australians has nearly doubled in the decade to 2016-17, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Its research shows that about 125,000 people aged 65 and over were seriously injured due to a fall in 2016–17 with injuries to the head hip and [...]

The Government must step up

The Federal Government and Department of Health leadership is ‘missing in action’ according to Counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care, Peter Rozen, and expert witnesses.  Rozen said the sector was at risk of failing altogether if action was not urgently taken and was already was failing to deliver quality of life and quality [...]

Fun on the run for 1700

      Sydney Community Services' team of 26 jogged and strolled the Lane Cove Fun Run course - among about 1700 people who registered for the 2 or 5 km runs. Some think running is so much fun they registered for both! This well-organised event had breakfasts to satisfy runners and music to cheer [...]

Get moving in the Lane Cove Fun Run

Will you be a stroller or a dasher … in the Lane Cove Fun Run on September 8? Get into the fun of the event: dress up, and dress up those strollers, your pets, kids - and yourself! Both fun runs, 5km starting 7:30am and 2km at 8:30am, start walking or running from Kingsford Smith [...]

Healthy heart at 50 linked to lower dementia risk

It’s confirmed! Good cardiovascular health at age 50 is strongly associated with a lower risk of dementia later: these are the results of a remarkably comprehensive study of almost 8,000 British adults over 25 years. Dementia starts to develop 15-20 years ahead of symptoms so warding off its onset is vital - and  not impossible [...]

Meet our team – Geeta Rani

Podiatry Services Coordinator,  Geeta, has had a vision to do community work since she was in high school. “It’s in my nature to help people. And I’ve worked with different age groups in my native country and in Australia, and built strong bonds with older people.” Back in India Geeta worked in the education industry [...]

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