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Meet our Volunteer: Emma Flockhart, Community Visitors Scheme

Five years ago, when she was in her early 20s and studying counselling, Emma Flockhart did an internship with SCS and became a volunteer visitor to John Tritton who was then a resident of  social housing at Blandville Court, Gladesville.  At the time Emma was living with her aunt and grandmother who wasn’t physically active [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Samar Pal

Samar Pal is celebrating a decade of volunteering with Sydney Community Services to help locals stay in their homes. Having started with gardening and meals on wheels, Samar now puts up his hand up to help set up catering for all sorts of SCS events. Last year he delivered hundreds of meals in 130 shifts and [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Dale Caagbay

Getting to know our volunteer Dale Caagbay Dale Caagbay, from the Gardening team, joined Bina and Sharell from Sage Corporation to help clean up the community room at Blandville Court for its Grand Opening. The residents were so appreciative and shared a morning tea of homemade dumplings and fried fish. We are so [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Chris Chung

How long have you been volunteering and what do you do here? I’ve been here just over a year packing meals for Food Services. I am a Masters of Statistics student at UNSW and decided I wanted to help the local community What’s your favourite thing about volunteering? I really enjoy helping people. I love [...]

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