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Social Housing Outreach Program

Blandville Birds fly for mental health

A delightful art experience was held last month at Blandville Court, Gladesville, when residents made birds from all kinds of art materials.          ‘Lost Bird Found’, originally started by North Sydney Council, involves crafting birds then ‘releasing’ them into the community to be found in libraries, parks, bus stops – wherever people would [...]

Meet our Volunteer: Emma Flockhart, Community Visitors Scheme

Five years ago, when she was in her early 20s and studying counselling, Emma Flockhart did an internship with SCS and became a volunteer visitor to John Tritton who was then a resident of  social housing at Blandville Court, Gladesville.  At the time Emma was living with her aunt and grandmother who wasn’t physically active [...]

New Aged-Friendly Areas for Blandville Court Residents

SCS received a special grant from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to improve the gardens and communal areas at Blandville Court. In addition, a much needed air conditioning unit will be installed in the community room. This project aims to improve and enrich existing spaces in order to make them [...]

Sydney Community Services Art Group submitted their entry to the NSW Art Competition

Sydney Community Services' Art Group is a collaborative artistic working group that embraces all abilities. This year nine participants painted a twelve panel portrait.  Over the years the Art Group has used the portrait as an opportunity to showcase an inspiring individual who works hard to make the world a better place. This year the Art Group was honoured to [...]

Your Story: Mrs Wang and the Overlocker

Many of our clients have inspiring and rich personal stories. One example is Mrs Wang who lives in Blandville Court – she told her story during one of our sewing mornings. Mrs Wang and the Sewing Machine Born on the southeast coast of China in a rural area in the Hokkien province Mrs Wang was [...]

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