social isolation

Meet our client – Linda Chen

Learning a new language in her mid-sixties and ongoing study in her seventies did not daunt Linda Chen, who spoke Mandarin and Shangainese when she migrated to Australia from Shanghai  in 1995 with her husband, Yong li Su. Her grasp of English began when a visitor, arranged through SCS’ Community Visitors Scheme (CVS), began fortnightly visits (CVS [...]

Meet our Team

Mel Pike, Activities Co-ordinator, Seniors Hub, Hunters Hill Mel has come to various community roles through the visual arts,  a discipline in which she has taught university students among others. She spent 15 years teaching in the country including with an aboriginal community, and has taught art to children and people with disabilities. Now she looks [...]

Meet our Volunteer: Emma Flockhart, Community Visitors Scheme

Five years ago, when she was in her early 20s and studying counselling, Emma Flockhart did an internship with SCS and became a volunteer visitor to John Tritton who was then a resident of  social housing at Blandville Court, Gladesville.  At the time Emma was living with her aunt and grandmother who wasn’t physically active [...]

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