When invited in 2010 to assist a friend Home Delivered Meals, Tor Caush didn’t know she’d still be volunteering for Sydney Community Services a decade later. “At first it was a great way to spend time with people while doing something positive,” she says.

Tor donates two mornings each week to assist with Home Delivered Meals, and even hits the road once a month to take out meals and call in on the clients herself.

“I enjoy seeing the regular faces,” Tor says. “Many of them will be waiting at the door at exactly the right time.” Having that level of interaction is important she notes as it gives SCS the chance to monitor how people are, and if they’re in need of any further assistance.

“Getting out into the community is a good reminder of how different people’s lives are and that some people are managing all sorts of difficulties – caring for a partner with health problems, getting grandchildren to and from school and struggling to hold their own and others’ lives together,” she says.

Since her own kids became more independent (she has two girls who are studying at Uni now), Tor has been able to dedicate her time to other projects, not just SCS.

Her recent venture is Box Divvy, a community fruit and veg co-op. Tor explains that every Friday morning a massive box of produce is dropped at her door from the markets, costing approximately 30 per cent less than the same items in the big supermarkets. From there, Tor divvies it up into boxes for local friends and neighbours who have got wind of the venture. She jokes that her entire garage turns into a fruit and veg shop with more than 30 boxes flying out the doors.

As a self-confessed foodie, she loves that Box Divvy has brought like-minded people together who have since gone on to share ideas and recipes with each other.

When Tor’s away from food, you can find her bushwalking, or chatting with friends at a local book group.

Her dedication to SCS is unwavering. “The team is incredibly here and many of the things they do go unnoticed, such as the donations to Delvena Women’s Refuge”.

SCS is thankful to run many services on the strength and generosity of volunteers like Tor – and the volunteer opportunities at SCS are many and varied, from gardening to deliveries to phone shopping to helping cater social events. To find out more, call us on 9427 6425 or visit sydneycs.org