Different Degrees is a group of performing artists, supported by Sydney Community Services and Lane Cove Council. Members of the group have worked together since it was founded in 2013.

The group has been working on a performance called Imaginarium for the past two years and was preparing to bring it to the stage at Lane Cove Council’s festival late this year. However, that festival was moved online due to COVID-19.

Unfortunately lockdown restrictions scuppered the live performance and instead the group had to find a way to bring Imaginarium to life in other ways. Ingeniously, the group, which comprises Belinda Sewell, Camilla Bent, Caroline Leafe, James Summerhayes, Jessica Beckman, Kate Bowen-Thomas, Tim Harrison and Celeste Emslie, decided to harness the power of Zoom as a filming device.

Imaginarium is now a 17-minute film set inside the minds of its performers. It explores the actions available to each of us as we combat our fears, nurture our hopes and reach for our dreams.

The performance was directed by Alice Williams with material developed by Lucy Watson and Larry Boyd. The music was written and supplied by Alex Batt.

If you would like to join this inspiring group, please contact SCS Disability Services Coordinator Gaynor Starkey 0437 041 811.

You can watch the video by clicking the image below.  Thank you to Lane Cove Council for hosting and promoting Imaginarium.