Sydney Community Services has completed its Service Quality Survey for this year with 97% of responders saying they are either satisfied or very satisfied with the services they are provided by us.

The objective of the Service Quality Survey was to enable consumers and their representatives to express their opinions and comments regarding the quality of the organisation’s aged care services.

The data that was captured is highly beneficial as it allows Sydney Community Services to better understand the views and perceptions of the consumers, while also implementing possible changes to services. This receptive and adaptative mindset will prove highly advantageous for future service quality improvements.

96% of consumers said they are comfortable giving positive and/or negative feedback, including making a complaint, while they also felt as if they had been treated with respect in relation to their culture and diversity (99%).

99% of consumers felt safe and free from abuse and/or neglect while receiving services from Sydney Community Services, and 99% of consumers felt as if they had been always treated with dignity and respect.