Since the covid cloud landed in March, Jill Greene has been missing family, friends and Thursday afternoon bridge games at Sydney Community Services in Lane Cove. She’s still appreciating the SCS fresh linen service that she’s relied on for seven years, now delivered to her independent living unit at St Peter’s Green, Lane Cove North.

“The linen service is wonderful. It means I don’t have to wash the sheets or towels, which is handy,” says Jill.

Before the virus, SCS’ linen service included bed-making but at the moment, our volunteers leave fresh sheets and towels at a client’s door, and take away any used linen.

“I’ve got to know a few of the volunteers, and I enjoy seeing them twice a month,” says Jill, who misses having a friendly chat indoors with volunteers.

She has always liked playing cards and is missing the socialising that goes with SCS’ weekly bridge and solo afternoons and several of her other regular card meets. At times Jill has been known to play five days a week.

“I used to play 500 as a child and later Solo. Then 10 years ago when my husband died, bridge started to fill in time once a week; after a while it grabs you! At my first game, I met my regular partner with whom I’ve played ever since; we’ve become very close friends. I enjoy the companionship of the Thursday games at SCS; it’s not as competitive as some of the other places I play. We are usually the same four and, if needed, Julie finds others to make up the table.”

What has been Jill’s experience since the virus restricted our lives?

“Not good,” she says. “Overall, I’ve missed socialising. I’ve stayed in contact on the phone with family, cousins, my bowling and bridge friends. But the phone’s not enough because I haven’t been seeing them. There’s been less socialising here at the village, too.”

And having to cancel her guests for her 80th birthday dinner at her club was a sombre disappointment.

“I had to ring everyone to cancel. When my family visited here at the village complex, I went outside to speak with them and had to do it at arm’s length.”

Belated birthday wishes, Jill! SCS staff and volunteers alike are looking forward to inviting all our clients back for the social activities and services we unfortunately can’t run at the moment.

If you’d like to find out more about our linen service, please  visit our website.

Or call our Linen Service Coordinator on 9427 6425.