Hovig Der Tateossian has never been a car aficionado but he’s on his way to becoming one. As the new part-time Transport Coordinator at Sydney Community Services, he’s fast becoming a mini-bus specialist, managing our fleet of 12-  and 20-seat buses, ensuring they’re ready and available to carry consumers including culturally and linguistically diverse groups, people with a disability, and seniors, to social outings and other group activities.

“I’m enjoying what I’m doing and excited to learn a lot about the processes and laws around community transport. It’s not just a case of putting people on a bus,” says Hovig, a North Ryde local.

Hovig manages everything from demonstrating compliance with all the rules, starting with registration, mechanical maintenance, driving standards for vehicles of various sizes and numbers of passengers. He’ll also manage the benefits of grants Sydney Community Services is thrilled to have received from Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club and City of Ryde. These will pay for new rear-vision cameras to be put on buses and refresher courses in defensive driving which will help drivers react to unexpected moves in ever-increasing Sydney traffic.

Although he’s not on the road, Hovig also needs to react to the unexpected.

“There’s occasional surprises, such as breakdowns, which require follow-ups to ensure roadside or other assistance responds in good time.”

Hovig has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and is interested in adding a Masters degree in clinical psychology. It could come in handy when interviewing potential new drivers and, right now, Hovig is interested in talking to volunteers who would be happy to drive.

Hovig himself volunteers as a Scout leader so he’s used to programming activities and sorting logistics needed to make events go to plan and troubleshoot anything that’s unplanned. When not helping SCS customers get to where they want to be, he’s busy working in retail.

Our fleet of buses is used by consumers who enjoy our services – including people with a disability, seniors, CALD groups of people from Chinese, Spanish, Afghanistani and Korean backgrounds – who want to have a day out, meet new people and socialise on the way.  Find our community engagement activities   here  and, for people with a disability, also look here.

SCS also rents its mini-buses to external organisations – call Hovig on 9427 6425 for information if you need a bus for a day OR if you are looking to get busy as a volunteer and would like to join our team of mini-bus drivers.