A meet-and-greet professional, Nellie Kocharian keeps SCS Lane Cove reception happy and bright, with magnificent home-grown roses and upbeat tunes whistled with talent.

Everybody is warmly welcomed by Nellie who confesses to being a ‘people person’.

“I love all the contact with people – it’s so rewarding. I have good communication with clients and volunteers – many of whom I met when I worked here on home-delivered meals,” she says.

Nellie started with SCS in 2008, job-sharing as coordinator of delivered meals, before becoming the co-ordinator of podiatry services for five years. She first brightened up our reception area in 2017.

“I had a good idea of many of the services before I started taking inquiries about all of them – it’s extremely handy to come to reception with that knowledge,” she says.

Her work at the front desk also involves administrative work, handling payments and accounting with MYOB software.

Nellie is an Armenian who was born in Iran and speaks Farsi and Armenian as well as English. She arrived here with her family in ’79 after the revolution against the regime of the US-installed Shah. But her family had applied to move to Australia years before the revolution.

“We experienced almost a year of that terrible time of martial law in Iran,” she says, “and were so relieved when we were finally allowed to come to Australia because it was getting more and more difficult to leave after the revolution.”


If you are interested in services for seniors and people with disabilities who would like support to stay in their home in Lane Cove, Hunters Hill, Ryde and surrounds, please call (02) 9427 6425 or email support@sydneycs.org