One of our community nursing team, Yating Wu, has been with SCS for a year as part of a placement following her Bachelor of Nursing degree from University of Technology, Sydney.

When she came from Beijing in 2011, Yating was impressed by the clean environment and great air quality. Her English was still improving and she wasn’t as relaxed about speaking English as she is today when she’s always chatting with clients.

“I like working with people in their homes because the patient is more comfortable and happier than patients in hospitals,” says Yating. “When nurses are home-visiting, we are like a helpful guest – the patient is the host, and the relationship is friendly.”

Working with Sydney Community Services clients has been Yating’s first opportunity to work in patients’ homes because her other placements have been in major public and private hospitals.

Yating says clients are overwhelmingly happy with and grateful for the nursing service.

“Patients very much rely on us, and this helps me enjoy my job – their attitude helps make the work more fulfilling.”