Getting to know our volunteer Dale Caagbay

Dale Caagbay, from the Gardening team, joined Bina and Sharell from Sage Corporation to help clean up the community room at Blandville Court for its Grand Opening. The residents were so appreciative and shared a morning tea of homemade dumplings and fried fish.

We are so grateful to Dale, Bina and Sharell for working so hard to get the room and its windows sparkling clean! Thank you!

Dale, our regular volunteer, is a scientist from the Midwest of the USA, who now lives in Sydney with his Australian born wife. He joined our gardening team this year and is a very valuable member of the team. I got the chance to ask Dale a few questions so we can all get to know him a bit better.

Why did you volunteer with SCS?

I like to get outdoors and work in nature. He loves Lane Cove because of all the nature walks at our doorstep.

Where do you like to eat locally?

The Birdwood Café is my favourite local eatery.

What’s your favourite sporting team?

Any Chicago team (Go Bulls!).

Where would you next like to travel?

I’d love to travel to Spain one day.

What’s your favourite piece of wisdom you’d like to share?

Just roll with it

Do you speak any other languages?

A tiny bit of Tagalog (Filipino)