Versatile volunteer Dianne Galofaro helps out at SCS in a range of ways whenever she can fit it in …  Monday afternoons she’s usually at the Lane Cove office as a Justice of the Peace, certifying or witnessing documents for locals. She also helps out at events such the fortnightly lunches hosted in our Park View Room, and does phone shopping for locals who need help getting supermarket goods.

“The phone shopping works very well for people,” says Di, “because I can see what’s available online while I’m talking to them. So if a type of product is not available, I can see online and tell them what the alternatives are and help them choose another.”

Dianne, who has worked as a legal secretary for nearly 50 years, says she likes office work because it’s what she’s used to but really doesn’t mind what she does “so long as I’m being helpful”. She had always planned  a combination of  travel  and volunteer work when she retired from law firms. Having lived in Lane Cove for 40 years, Dianne is  a loyal local who is familiar with SCS and its services over the years.

“I wanted to volunteer locally, in Lane Cove, because it’s my community, “ she says. “I’m also friendly with people through organisations such as Apex or Rotary who  helped  the original  Lane Cove Community Aid to keep going. So I’ve known about SCS for ages and know its services are good, and that the staff are caring – so it’s great to be a part of it.”

These days, Dianne and her husband are lucky enough to go away every year. Having just returned from Eastern Europe and the UK, she’s  already planned her next trip to Spain and Portugal. But we are lucky to have her between trips, lending a hand around the SCS office and social activities wherever it’s needed.