Reza Alizadeh volunteered at Sydney Community Services even before he retired.

He was working as a handyman elsewhere and had a day off mid-week, so he put his hand up for similar work supporting SCS’s Home Modifications and Maintenance team. This team of qualified tradesmen does everything from small jobs through to retrofitting ramps and grab-rails in people’s homes to make them safer and more accessible.

“When I retired from work about a year ago, I offered more time – I added in food service. It’s a way of doing something good for the world.”

Reza now volunteers in our kitchen every second Monday for our twice monthly Park View Cafe and also Thursdays when he and David Walker plate up afternoon teas for  the regular social card-playing group. Reza spends the rest of his time reading, cooking and especially exercising – usually about an hour a day because he appreciates the ‘feelgood’ effects of exercise.

“Exercise is important for mood and helping you stay positive because it creates serotonin in the brain. Every day we lose hundreds of thousands of brain cells and physical activity increases the body’s ability to replace them.”

So it’s no surprise Reza does a huge range of exercise – swimming, walking, gym workouts, basketball and plenty of cycling – when not volunteering.

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