When invited in 2010 to buddy with a friend for meals-on-wheels deliveries, Tor Caush didn’t know she’d still be volunteering  in 2018. “At first it was a great way to spend time together, to catch up while doing something positive,” says Tor.

“There’s usually a driver and another to help with meals deliveries, so it was a lovely way to have chat time – we delivered together for ages.”

Tor now donates a couple of hours every Monday and Tuesday to pack bags for deliveries for three or four runs and she still delivers meals once a month. She likes giving something back to the community, being connected with her neighbours and meeting all kinds of people.

“Getting out into the community is a good reminder of how different people’s lives are and that some people are managing all sorts of difficulties – caring for a partner with health problems, getting grandchildren to and from school and struggling to hold their own and others’ lives together,” she says of clients who have less time than most of us for food shopping and preparation. “Some people, even around 100 years of age, have amazing ability and are doing their own tax and are so appreciative if you can do them a little favour to, say, post their tax return while on your delivery run.”

Tor looks forward to seeing many clients each month, to know how they’re going. She  sometimes thinks of getting back into the workforce, where her background is in the travel and recruitment industries.  “But I want to keep some flexibility and spontaneity in life, for travel and family, and I’d like to do another course. It’s also good to have volunteer work to organise the day around.”

SCS  is thankful to run many services on the strength and generosity of volunteers like Tor – and  the volunteer opportunities at SCS are many and varied, from gardening to deliveries to phone shopping to helping cater social events. To find out more, call us on 9427 6425 or visit our site