Sydney Community Services (SCS), is pleased to announce the City of Ryde has approved a Community Grant to deliver a program called ‘Try Something Completely Different’.

The program is focused around the International Day of Disability 2023, and will feature a number of interesting and unique opportunities for people living with a disability.

‘Try Something Completely Different’ is a new program of innovative activities designed to stretch and inspire individuals from vulnerable groups in our community, focusing on people with a disability. The activities will provide social connection and develop and strengthen bonds between people.

The COVID-19 pandemic and prolonged stay at home orders have increased social isolation and community disconnect. Providing services to the community is important as our services are designed to encourage and support participation, safety, well-being, self-esteem and independence.

Twenty-five per cent of SCS’ total active clients are City of Ryde residents and our hope is that this project will promote improved health and well-being. In addition, ‘Try Something Completely Different’ will support community diversity and inclusiveness and engage and connect communities and celebrate culture.

The activities will include:

  • Delta Dogs Paws the Pressure Program
  • Spinning and Weaving Workshops at Brush Farmhouse
  • Art in the Park, with an experienced Art Tutor
  • Dance and Music Sessions
  • Wood working skills through the Mens Sheds

Transport will be provided, and all activities will be coordinated by fully qualified support staff and trained volunteers.

The project will focus on City of Ryde residents living with a disability and they may or may not be existing clients of Sydney Community Services.

SCS social activity-based programs ensure that residents’ health and well-being are well supported to alleviate the effects of social isolation and loneliness. This project aligns with the City of Ryde Community and Strategic Plan 2028 outcome of supporting community diversity and inclusiveness with projects that engage and connect communities and celebrate culture.