There is such a thing as a free lunch

You might have recently seen TV coverage of Christmas lunches laid on by Rev. Bill Crews and his Exodus Foundation team which just celebrated its 33rd Christmas with people who are homeless. Last Christmas Day, Exodus fed thousands who found a friendly welcome and great catering under the Foundation’s big marquee in Ashfield. Yet you [...]

Meet our Volunteer: Emma Flockhart, Community Visitors Scheme

Five years ago, when she was in her early 20s and studying counselling, Emma Flockhart did an internship with SCS and became a volunteer visitor to John Tritton who was then a resident of  social housing at Blandville Court, Gladesville.  At the time Emma was living with her aunt and grandmother who wasn’t physically active [...]

Alma’s Story

After four fast games of shuffleboard, Alma Lonnon is ready for a break. “It’s great fun,” she says of the tournament that’s on the second and fourth Thursdays each month. When she moved to Lane Cove 14 years ago, much of Alma’s time was enjoyably taken up with grandchildren after school. But time flies [...]

On the Buses

On a Friday morning there is always an air of anticipation here in the Community Centre at Pottery Lane.  As the men arrive and greet old and new friends ready for another lovely morning together it’s the start of another outing for our BOOMers.  That is the Bus Outings for Older Men! BOOMers started as [...]

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