‘Telling your stories of COVID-19’ is a Lane Cove Council project encouraging people to share their experiences of COVID-19 – its challenges and restrictions, what you did or missed during ‘lockdown’, negatives and positive silver linings,  or any differences it made to your thinking.

You don’t have to be a poet like Robin Ford who submitted the poem below. Write in any form or send an image Council could share on social media or in the Lane Cove Connection newsletter. Stories can be up to 200 words,  submitted as a Word document. Please send images as a Jpeg attachment. Council reserves the right to edit submissions according to space and Council policies.

Details or queries: phone 9911 3593 or email rjacka@lanecove.nsw.gov.au Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks to Robin (and Claude Monet).


Cultural Change

Boats swung around their moorings as they lay,

Responding to the lightest of light breezes.

Enchanted we had stopped in Woodford Bay

And watched their dance, a sight that always pleases.

So calm, but when we walked back to the car

And passed another walker we would wave

Or say g’day, but do so from afar.

(The more we squash the curve the more we save).

This distancing remains our best defence

So we must keep completely out of range

Of droplet-riding viruses, and hence,

Together make the needed social change.

Ephemeral the beauty that surrounds us;

Momentous is the change that now confounds us.

                                              – Robin Ford, Lane Cove, April 2020