When we welcome you back, we’ll be proudly wearing a Covid-safe ‘badge’. This graphic badge is awarded by the NSW Government to organisations and businesses whose staff and volunteers have completed training, added precautions and modified practices to be as Covid-safe as possible.

We’ve undertaken many changes so as to be ready to resume more activities, however gradually, when it’s safe to do so. Our Hunters Hill Community Hub is already resuming some disability and seniors’ group activities (see separate story) but we have no dates yet for resuming other activities … watch this space for news.

“As a provider of services for seniors and people with disabilities, we pride ourselves in taking all precautions and measures to keep our clients, volunteers and staff as safe as possible,” says Sydney Community Services CEO, Gill Batt.

By the time we resume any activity or service,  staff and volunteers will have undergone training provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health. This training covers things such as wellness testing, physical distancing and cleaning processes. We look forward to welcoming clients again and, on arrival at our premises, part of the welcome will be a wellness check including a contactless temperature check. The wellness check goes for everyone: clients, staff, volunteers, contractors and any other visitors.

You will need to preregister for all SCS activities whether indoor or outdoor, and we’ll collect a little information for ‘contact records’ of everyone who visits our premises. Any contact details will be kept in accordance with Australian privacy legislation and not used unless needed for contact tracing.

Meeting spaces will have clear, four-square metre markings; space will determine the maximum number of people. There will be sanitising stations at entry and throughout activity spaces for both clients and staff.  If your activity involves any equipment, it will be sanitised before and after every use.

“In line with all this, we’ll be using contactless payments as much as possible and appreciate if you can pay by card and not cash,” says Gill.

We’ll be encouraging you to bring your own refreshments and when we do serve food, it will be offered in individual portions so as to avoid risks of sharing. Please be assured, too, that any refreshments we offer will be prepared by staff and volunteers who have been trained in safe food-handling earlier this year.

“Anyone preparing food will also have been wearing disposable aprons, hair nets, gloves and masks while in our kitchen,” says Gill. “And there will be disposable masks and gloves for any visitors who want them.”

All SCS vehicles have been assessed according to NSW public health transport guidelines and also marked to show people 1.5 metres distance. There will be moments where physical distancing is not possible – such as helping a client on or off a bus, or in and out of a chair. At these times, closer proximity (or contact) will be kept to 15 minutes or less.

“We will continue to do everything we can to keep everyone safe, even when we get back to some form of normality,” says Gill.        Find out more at SydneyCS.org