With a little help from our friends, aka fantastic volunteers, donors and staff – plus new safety protocols – we’ve been able to keep running our essential services of in-home nursing, meals and general support for vulnerable people, seniors and people with disabilities. This week we’re even offering virtual activities for a couple of groups of people with a disability who have sorely missed their programs which were postponed due to social distancing rules [see separate story].

We’ve been inundated with messages from clients missing our regular group activities for seniors and groups of people with a disability. The restrictions to contain C-19 virus have meant Seniors Hub and our eight disability groups have been postponed due to closure of venues and social gathering and distancing restrictions. However, our team and volunteers have worked hard to stay in frequent, ongoing phone and online contact with all participants to check on their wellbeing and also with their families, carers or group home managers.

One-on-one support continues for individuals with personal goals such as exercise or nutrition when distance can be maintained. We’re also ensuring all clients are able to get essentials such as food and medication.

SCS has been approved as an essential service provider to priority customers with Woolworths and Coles. As at early April, this means shopping will be delivered four days after ordering.  If needed, our dedicated support workers can shop from a client’s list and run errands to make sure vulnerable people can stay indoors and out of harm’s way.

We’re taking on new clients for our Home-delivered Meals service.

All deliveries, whether shopping or meals, are left on the doorstep, with our delivery staff and volunteers observing – from the required distance – that goods or meals are collected, and with a friendly word to check the client is feeling well or if they need any additional help. This way we can act quickly and decisively if clients have other vital needs.

Nutrition is essential and, like shopping, one thing that’s going up in this downturn is our Home-delivered Meals service. With the help of Lane Cove Council which has lent us two big freezers, we’ve been able to say ‘yes’ to many new delivered meals clients. There’s a full menu at our website https://bit.ly/33O2cRS

Healthcare is always a priority and home nursing and personal care are ongoing. Personal care workers and nurses are well trained in infection control and wear personal protective equipment and take every precaution with clients. Thanks to Burt’s Village Pharmacy, Hunters Hill, we have a steady supply of masks and sanitisers. Where clients are unable to make their own beds, nurses or personal care workers will do that for them, too.

Another essential is the general support we’re offering to isolated people who lack family nearby or neighbourly connections. This might include guiding them with advice or how to access priority supermarket deliveries or delivering urgent provisions or, if it’s not an emergency, organising shopping or another errand. If you’re in this isolated situation and need general support or guidance, please call us on 9427 6425 or email support@sydneycs.org