Movement Matters with Sally Castel – keeping people active and healthy.

Sally Castel has been running her classes since 1997. She has a physiotherapy, recreational therapy, health promotion and community education background and is a registered fitness leader.

Join us in ‘Maintaining and Managing Meaningful Movement to Postpone, Protect, Preserve and Prevent unforeseeable declines in Physical and Mental Functional Abilities’.

These classes will provide safe exercise programs that:

  1. Improve– Improve the physical capacity and choices for a healthy satisfying lifestyle.
  2. Maintain– Maintain physical, mental and social vitality at optimal levels.
  3. Prevent– Prevent further deterioration in health conditions and physical function as far as possible.

Service operating times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

*New* class now available on a Friday.

Fees: $60 (six week term)

Areas Serviced: Lane Cove Area

Contact Sydney Community Services for more information:

P | 02 9427 6425
E |