A name that is familiar to all Australians, Meals on Wheels, is at the heart of many communities. It represents helping hands, teamwork and looking out for each other.

Our Meals on Wheels service prides itself on providing nutritious, delicious, affordable food delivered by our friendly community volunteers.

Who is it for?

Meals on Wheels is available to over 65s and to  younger people with disabilities and carers. The service supports people’s health and independence in their own home.

Why choose us?

  • Delivering over 11,000 meals each year, our Meals on Wheels service is from the community, about the community and very proudly services the community and residents of Lane Cove.
  • No contracts, no minimum order and no cancellation charges.
  • Free delivery and free smiles!
  • Nutritionally optimised and balanced for older people.
  • Daily, weekly or occasional deliveries – as much as you like and as often as you require.
  • Huge variety of high protein, healthy meals, desserts and soups.
  • Delivered by community volunteers who help to provide personal contact and connection with people in their own home.
  • Prices range from $6-10 per meal, with free apple or orange juice.
  • Suitable for diabetics and available in standard puree, soft and cut-up textures.
  • Funded by the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Eligibility is determined by My Aged Care.


Fee Description / Eligibility
$7.00 Main meal with juice
$3.00 Soup with dinner roll
$4.00 Fresh sandwich
$5.00 Fresh wrap
$5.50 Fresh salad

Areas Serviced

Lane Cove Area Ryde Area Hunters Hill Area
For Lane Cove delivery – Contact the Home Delivered Meals Coordinator on 02 9427 6425 or email support@sydneycs.org
For Ryde and Hunters Hill delivery – Contact the Community Connections Coordinator on 02 9817 0101 or email support@sydneycs.org

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain