Alan Small is in his early 60’s. He is a very independent person with a keen sense of humour and he can be a bit cheeky at times. Alan is visually impaired.  Alan has four siblings, two brothers who live either side of him, a sister whom he visited recently in Perth (all by himself mind you) and a sister in Norfolk Island. Alan is well supported, particularly by his brothers and sister in-law. His interests are Vintage cars, bowling (he sometimes scores a strike for someone else in a different lane), going for picnics, movies, listening to audio books, music and anything sweet, particularly a good strawberry sponge cake. When Alan was 12 years old, he loved to water ski at his parent’s holiday house at the Entrance. The last time he did this was in 2010.

A highlight to Alan’s week is attending the Social and Recreational group of the SCS DisAbility Services held each Monday and Friday. Alan says he feels included and enjoys having a chat with the other participants. Also, each week Margareta (Alan’s support worker) provides one on one assistance so Alan can do his weekly grocery shop.  Margareta has reported that Alan particularly likes the weekly specials at Aldi. They are forever looking for the perfect polo shirt with a pocket big enough for his voice activated mobile. One of their trips to Aldi, Alan bought a chair which required assembling.  Thinking Alan would wait for one of his brothers to help him, Margareta was most surprised when she next visited to discover Alan had assembled the chair by himself.  As well as being very capable, Alan has a keen sense of direction. He is ready to point out to Margareta if she has taken a different route home.

When Alan still had some eye sight, he worked for Gilbarco Veeder Root Machine shop. He worked there for 18 years where he assembled their Petrol Pumps.