Meet our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteer: Alan Seale

How long have you been volunteering and what do you do here? I’ve been volunteering for the Linen Service for around 4 years. I did some bus driving for Social Support. For the last two [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Cathy Texier

Meet Our Volunteer: Shirin Kanji

How long have you been volunteering and what do you do here? I am currently a Community Visitor for Sydney Community Services. I started volunteering here in 2003. I have volunteered at the Community Café, [...]

Sydney Community Services won the North Sydney Community Group of the Year !

Congratulations to all the Volunteers for Sydney Community Services We are delighted to announce that Sydney Community Services has won the North Sydney Community Group of the Year! Trent Zimmerman MP hosted the North Sydney [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Hong Lee

How long have you been volunteering and what do you do here? I started about 7 years ago in the Meals on Wheels service. I then moved on to the Linen Service, Gardening. Now I [...]

Meet Our Volunteer: Imm Pheungsaengkeo

Imm Pheungsaengkeo is looking after her mum and part of the SCS Carers Peer Support Group. She worked for the Red Cross as Administration Officer in the Migration Support Services. She is currently studying a [...]

Volunteer Community Visitor Scheme Program

Tereza Seric, Volunteer Community Visitor Scheme Program

Tereza Seric, Volunteer Community Visitor Scheme Program

“In a world with over six billion people one of the very last things one should be without is company and friendship.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Audrey four years ago. My mother is a volunteer of the Gladesville Community Centre and after befriending a very charismatic Audrey, wished for me to meet her. Upon meeting her, we became instant friends. I began visiting Audrey frequently; helping her with Christmas decorations, then came the beloved afternoon coffee, lunch and shopping sessions which we now share together whenever we get the chance…

People are often misguided in believing that volunteering to visit someone like I have done with Audrey is a totally selfless, kind act, which requires considerable sacrifice. They often ignore or simply forget the possibility of there being someone on the other side, ready and completely capable of reciprocating the friendship.

In our time together Audrey and I have shared many laughs, many good coffees, even better cakes and a friendship so unique that is testimony to its long running success! …

When you have the pleasure of seeing the happiness you are capable of bringing to someone with your presence alone, you realise that being a volunteer is one of the easiest ways to make a change to someone’s life…

We often search for the big projects to satisfy our need to contribute to the world and often forget that the greatest change of all may be waiting for us right in our neighbourhood, like in my case a ten minute walk to Audrey’s!”


Julijana and Lorena, Volunteer Visiting Program

Julijana and Lorena, Volunteer Visiting Program

Julijana: “I enjoy time spending with Lorena; we always have a lot to talk about as we have so many interests in common. She also takes me to shops, to doctor’s and other appointments and is genuinely interested to help me. My English is not very good so her help means a lot to me. I consider her to be my friend.”

Lorena: “I’ve been visiting Julijana for about two years now; we always have interesting conversations and I really enjoy time that we spend together. She is very open and honest person, and is a joy to talk to, so it’s very easy to like her. She is always nice and welcoming when I visit her. Helping her with whatever she needs has always been truly satisfying experience for me. She’s a great friend!”


Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain

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