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Meet our client – Don Orr

Don Orr loves his home and garden at Waverton, and its proximity to the city which seems only a stone’s throw when seen from his place. But lately he’s been feeling a little daunted by [...]

Meet our client – Adrian Bowden

“Many men have a rather solitary life outside their families and work,” says Adrian. “So retirement’s great – for about six months!" "One of the things I like about BOOMers is that we’re not sitting [...]

Meet our client – Patrick Dorahy

Patrick (left) loves the ocean and being out on it with Sailability It’s just as well the Dorahy family are great travellers. It’s been a long journey of rehabilitation for Patrick Dorahy [...]

Meet our client – Linda Chen

Learning a new language in her mid-sixties and ongoing study in her seventies did not daunt Linda Chen, who spoke Mandarin and Shangainese when she migrated to Australia from Shanghai  in 1995 with her husband, [...]

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