“Having a Y chromosome is NOT an excuse for unhealthy lifestyle choices!” … the slogan from Men’s Health Week in June warned blokes of all ages that their health is, to an extent, in their hands. That’s because only 30% of a man’s health is genetic while 70% is due to what he does – or not!

Men are being encouraged to create one healthy habit at a time, starting with easy choices: to promote heart health, walk instead of drive or even take the stairs instead of a lift (as slowly as is comfortable), be socially busy and make more friends, really talk to friends, family and your GP, play games but keep drinks down to 10 or less each week.  Cardio vascular health is particularly important because it is the top reason men’s lifespans are reduced (followed by suicide and car accidents). For more helpful suggestions, go to https://bit.ly/2xQAyHj

Remember, too, if you are 65 years old or more, it’s free to be vaccinated against the flu at the GP or some local pharmacies.

Socialising is now recognised as important for all-round health as exercise and nutrition. So another strong message was the benefits of  “making healthy connections” with relatives or others with whom you choose to spend your time. Even a small amount of regular physical and social activity improves cardio-vascular health and wards off dementia and suicide.

Why not make healthy local connections by joining an SCS social event? Playful types can slot into Games Groups for chess, bridge, solo or mah-jong. If you’d rather quieten your mind, relax at a Mindfulness session. If you need to get moving, line up a series of Movement Matters classes (starting August) … or just drop in casually for shuffleboard or table tennis games. Get out and about with BOOMers’ Bus Outings for Older Men or visit the Men’s Shed. Or join your neighbours for a sociable lunch fortnightly in the Park View Cafe – this month’s themed lunch is Christmas in July on 23rd with all the trimmings.

And don’t forget that if you are losing interest in cooking nutritious meals, you can try our Meals-on-Wheels service.

Phone us on 9427 6425 for details of any activities or services.